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Brian Gonsar

Children's Author & Graphic Novelist

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Dracula's Brunch CLub

A middle grade graphic novel created with Keenan Gaybba is coming fall 2025 from Oni Press. 


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(In progress)

Pop-Punk & Emo Music + Teenage Angst = YA Magic


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Twisted tales of scary stories: werewolves

This funny short story explores what happens to Werewolves during the other moon phases. It is available to read on the Caribu app.


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I see you’ve found your parent’s wifi password and made it all the way to my site. My name is Brian Gonsar and I’m happy to meet you. Like you, I have a childlike imagination. I use that to write quirky, humorous stories for kids. Hopefully you like to laugh. Giraffes don’t like to laugh, but that’s why I write stories for you and not giraffes.

Another fun fact: I love donuts. Round donuts, square donuts, triangle donuts. Well, I’ve never had a triangle donut, but I’m sure I’d love it. I love them so much that I have a donut blog. I also really like making things with video and film. I’ve produced feature films, super bowl commercials, animations, music videos, and other kinds of fun content that you can watch on my producer website.

I’m represented by the amazing Stacey Graham of 3 Seas Literary.  I’ve included a link to her email, as long as you promise not to sign her up for any clown-picture-of-the-day email lists.


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